Monday, April 19, 2010

Girls Fail Too

Fail comes in flavors other than Scooter. And yesterday it came in the form of Doodlefail (my 14 year old daughter) and babyfail (10 month old).

Doodlebug was nostalgic for some taste sensation she'd learned of back at the Boys & Girls Club years ago. This something was called "Puppy Chow." She found a recipe, made a shopping list and whippped up a batch of this:

And there it still sits; a big bowl of poo-looking fail. By the way, this is a HALF BATCH. #doodlefail

Baby ate mac n cheese for dinner. Baby stuck her hands in the bowl and made a cheesy mess. Baby needed a bath. Mommy and Baby get in nice warm water. Splash, splash! Baby plays with ducks. Suddenly, a new friend arrives. A little brown friend who likes to float in the warm water. Mommy drains the tub. #babyfail

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