Monday, April 26, 2010

Text Fail

I give Scooter a ride to school every morning. This is how it works: me, Scoots and the baby get in the car. As we head toward the freeway I unlock my cellphone and hand it to him to text the babysitter that we are on our way (we meet midway between my office and her house), I drop off Scoot, then handoff the baby to the babysitter, then go to the office.

THIS morning after dropping off Scooter, I get a text from the babysitter saying "Just making sure I didn't miss a text". I.e. she didn't get the text saying we were leaving, and she's still at home.

Dingleberry wrote the text and forgot to hit 'send'.

So I have 20 minutes to kill with a SCREAMING ANGRY infant in my backseat while the babysitter loads up her own kid and drives to [redacted] to meet me.


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